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Innovative Education Recognized: STEM For Kids SC Columbia Nominated for Best After School Program

Raleigh, North Carolina,  and Columbia, South Carolina USA  05/22/2024   STEM For Kids South Carolina Columbia proudly announces its selection as a finalist in the category of After School Programs in Education & Childcare of the 2024 Best of South Carolina Voting. This recognition underscores the organization’s commitment to providing exceptional educational opportunities for children …


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Celebrating Three Years of STEM Excellence: STEM For Kids Alabama Mobile Bay Marks Milestone Anniversary

Raleigh, North Carolina,  and Mobile, Alabama USA  05/20/2024   STEM For Kids Alabama Mobile Bay proudly celebrates their 3 year anniversary and its selection as a finalist in two esteemed categories of the 2024 Nappie Awards. The organization has been recognized for its exceptional contributions to children’s education and entertainment as a finalist for “Best …


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Football to Finance to Education: A Wealth Manager’s Leap Towards Generating Community Wealth Through Kids

Morrisville, NC,  and Katy, TX USA  05/04/2022 After almost 20 years of making his mark in the financial industry by working for Merrill Lynch, UBS, and starting his own firm in 2011, Tyre Post is an expert in wealth management, providing wholistic financial advise to help clients grow and protect their assets.   Once Tyre …


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Up From #280 to #173 on Entrepreneur Franchise 500® 2021 Rankings

Morrisville, NC  USA  5/27/2021 “We know that 2020 was a challenging year for everyone, but it was also a year of unusual opportunity. Franchises like yours were able to be nimble and innovative, serving the needs of franchisees and customers in ways that will resonate for many years to come. We believe that, when we …


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Educator of 9 Years is Bringing STEM to Mobile, Alabama!

Morrisville, NC,  and Mobile, Alabama USA  5/21/2021 After 9 years of making her mark in Elementary and STEM / STEAM Education, Ashton Crist took it upon herself to search for an opportunity of a lifetime. Ashton was given the opportunity to implement STEM in her new school after 4 years of teaching, and she instantly fell in …


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STEM For Kids is Ranked #280 on Entrepreneur Franchise 500® This Year!

Morrisville, NC  USA  2/3/20 Entrepreneur Franchise 500 has existed for over four decades and has become a dominant measuring tool for franchisees throughout the U.S. Entrepreneur Magazine evaluate factors such as brand strength, costs and scalability of a franchise to determine a position of the ranking. The franchises are given a cumulative score based on …


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Father of Two Loves the STEM For Kids Program

Morrisville, Central Virginia USA  01/20/20 STEM For Kids CVA parent Ashish Jain is proud to share his appreciation for the curricula.  He is excited to know STEM For Kids will prepare skillsets for them to be successful in the future. For other after-school programs and STEM / STEAM classes being offered Illinois cva@stemforkids.net or visit our …


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Happy 4th Anniversary STEM For Kids Stateline Illinois – Wisconsin

Morrisville, NC & Illinois – Wisconsin USA  01/07/20 For the past four years, SFK Stateline founder and CEO Donna Curtis is overjoyed with gratitude. She shares her pride in helping mold a promising future for children. “For years we have been serving and inspiring children of the Stateline. What an amazing ride it has been. We …


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Central Virginia is Recognized by the Henrico County School Board

Morrisville, NC &  Virginia,  USA  01/06/20 SFK CVA  owner Lakshmi Gunuru joins Member of the Henrico County school board Michelle “Micky” Ogburn to share great news at the STEM For Kids CVA”s open house event! For other after-school programs and STEM / STEAM classes being offered in Central Virginia contact Lakshmi Gunuru at cva@stemforkids.net or …


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Collaboration with Catholic and Public Schools in Queens New York!

Queens, NY,  USA  12/23/19 STEM For Kids Queens, NY owner Christina Toufexis delivered two successful workshops at Holy Trinity Catholic Elementary. The students will never forget this eventful day! ” We did the Roller Coaster Design Lab workshop for the 1st – 4th graders, then we did the Mechanical Engineering Speedy Car Workshop for the 5th …


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STEM For Kids Franchisees Share Their Experiences

Morrisville, NC,  USA  11/18/19 During our recently concluded Annual Conference, we asked some of our franchisees to share exciting aspects about their experience so far. We found out what they like about their STEM For Kids business and some of the great things happening soon in their respective markets. Enjoy the testimonials below.  To learn …


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Computer Engineer of 16 Years is Bringing STEM to Brunswick, New Jersey!

Morrisville, NC,  and Brunswick, New Jersey USA  11/12/19 After 16 years of making her mark in the IT industry, Sowmya Venkitadri took it upon herself to search for an opportunity of a lifetime. As a mother of two children, Sowmya came to the realization that the earlier STEM is introduced to a child the better. “I …


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After Researching Brains, Neuroscientist Launches a STEM Franchise to Impact Young Brains

Morrisville, NC, USA and Toronto, Canada 9/30/19  “My research centered on developmental changes of the early-age brain in mental diseases. I gained valuable insights into how the brain develops and matures, using many cutting-edge technologies in my research. I also spent many hours of those years teaching undergraduate and graduate university students, developing a passion …


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From Medicine to Education, MDs on A New Mission

Morrisville, NC, USA and Sarasota, FL “The practice of anesthesiology requires continual medical education to stay up-to-date with the most current standards of practice. As lifelong learners, we believe in the importance of early education in STEM-related subjects, which are practical in real-life applications”, says Jack Lin M.D, an anesthesiologist embarking on bringing coding, engineering, …


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Mother of Triplets Opens her First STEM For Kids Franchise in Queens, New York

Morrisville, NC, USA and Queens, NY   “As a female in IT [Information Technology] I’ve noticed the playing field is still unbalanced with more males dominating the space and so I want to encourage young girls to not shy away from this choice”, says Christina Toufexis, STEM For Kids franchisee in Queens, New York. Christina’s story begins …


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STEM For Kids Franchisees Set Out to Make a Huge Impact in Mexico

Morrisville, NC, USA and Mexico City, Mexico 5/24/19 “We are a group of normal people, sailing through our lives, some of us have kids, some of us like soccer, some of us like to read, run or ride a bicycle, and we all have been somewhat successful professionals in our jobs, but all of this …


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Computer Science Professional Prepares To Provide Coding and Engineering Camps and Classes in Dallas Suburbs

Morrisville, NC and Frisco, Texas 10/1/18 – “When I first heard of STEM for Kids Franchise opportunity, I was very thrilled (almost felt unbelievable) to have come across a concept that exactly fit my passion, desire, skillset and interest”, says Preeti Mekala, a computer software professional and STEM For Kids franchisee in Texas Frisco area. …


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Researcher on a Quest to Personalize Learning Brings STEM to Houston Suburbs

Morrisville, NC and Cypress, TX 9/10/18 – ” Being a mom of two sweet girls, I want to help my daughters get the best possible education. I believe that early STEM education is the best way to help our kids succeed”, says Dr. Misha Chakraborty, aka Dr. C, lecturer, researcher and now STEM For Kids’ …


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AI’s Human Creator Brings Hands-On Learning to Atlanta Suburbs

Morrisville, NC and Cumming, GA 7/16/18 – ” I was never a book learner. I was a tinkerer and learned by doing. I have to know the context of what I am trying to learn.  I call it a Use Case Learner. I try to teach my kids that same way”, says Tom Hyatt, STEM For …


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Coding, Robotics and Engineering For Kids in Central Virginia

Morrisville, NC and Glen Allen, VA 7/2/18 – ” After designing his own model car, as part of the rolling-wheels workshop, a 2nd grader enhanced his design to make his car go faster by leveraging the STEM for Kids’ EDP [Engineering Design Process] delivery model. He understood how to address challenges of friction”, says Lakshmi …


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From Wholesome Tummies to Wholesome Minds

Morrisville, NC and Herriman, UT 6/18/18 – “STEM For Kids is a perfect fit. I can play and have fun not only with my son but other kids as well.   Not much fun being a kid if you can’t have fun while learning and playing”, says Sean Pickett who, together with his loving wife Alison …


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Full STEAM Ahead for an Urban Designer

Morrisville, NC and Fremont, CA 5/30/18 – “My life is pretty good now, but I think it could be even better if I can do something to impact the society, something challenging, and also something which can benefit my son.  That’s how I discovered STEM For Kids…which I would say is the perfect fit for …


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Super Moms on a Super Charged STEM Mission!

Morrisville, NC and San Jose, CA 5/15/18 – “I jumped at the opportunity when Deepa approached me with an idea to start STEM For Kids”, says Priya Viswa, a civil / structural engineer turned realtor and co-owner of the STEM For Kids South San Jose (SSJ) franchise. Her partner, Deepa Gopalakrishnan, had been nurturing the …


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Inspiring STEM Learning in Young Children in the Chicago Suburbs

Morrisville, NC and Palatine, IL 5/9/18 – Entrepreneurs and technologists, Neelima Bandi and Sandeep Manthena, are bringing STEM For Kids’ programs to the North West Chicago Suburbs. Both are Masters in Electrical Engineering with 24 years of collective corporate experience in engineering and software industry. Neelima comes with a background in database administration. In today’s …


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Merchant Marine Officer Heads Home With STEM

Morrisville, NC and Grapevine, TX 4/2/18 – STEM For Kids is coming to the Texas Grapevine-Irving area thanks to a merchant marine officer and entrepreneur, Rahul Apte. Rahul has sailed across the oceans and has worked in the central control rooms of ultra deep semi-submersible rigs, maintaining their position over the ocean floor using computer …


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From 0 to 17 in under 2 years at Illinois – Wisconsin Stateline

Morrisville, NC, Janesville, WI and Rockton, IL 3/26/18 – “I love that we can just get to code on our own and … do whatever we want with it”, said Ava. Anu loves being creative with the ability to personalize her creations. Mason is enjoying learning about aerospace and doesn’t miss a beat in saying …


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From Mission Critical Public Safety to Future Critical STEM in Columbia South Carolina

Morrisville, NC and Columbia, SC 3/19/18 – “I have talked to a few very excited parents who want to get kids into STEM For Kids programs”, says Gaurav Sangal, STEM For Kids newest franchisee who is launching in Columbia South Carolina. Gaurav has an extensive background in engineering and technology with a Masters in Electrical …


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Getting Kids Ahead of the Curve in GTA

Pickering, Greater Toronto Area, Canada and Morrisville, NC, USA 2/18/18 – “It took me 20 years of experience to muster the courage to do something creative on my own”, says Lee Joseph, who is on a journey of transformation. A technologist by trade with over 20 years in several top firms, Lee, an entrepreneur now, …


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The “Mother of Twins” sees sparkles in STEM

Morrisville, NC, New York, NY 1/17/18 – “I see an opportunity to bring STEM / STEAM to a large number of students in the area and to make a difference in how they learn and adopt to the ever-evolving technologies”, says Anshu Gupta, STEM For Kids franchisee in Upper East Manhattan, New York. Anshu is an …