Innovative Education Recognized: STEM For Kids SC Columbia Nominated for Best After School Program

Raleigh, North Carolina,  and Columbia, South Carolina USA  05/22/2024


STEM For Kids South Carolina Columbia proudly announces its selection as a finalist in the category of After School Programs in Education & Childcare of the 2024 Best of South Carolina Voting. This recognition underscores the organization’s commitment to providing exceptional educational opportunities for children in South Carolina.


The Best of South Carolina Voting, hosted annually by Guide to South Carolina, celebrates excellence and innovation across various industries and sectors throughout the state. STEM For Kids SC Columbia’s recognition as a finalist reflects its dedication to delivering high-quality after-school programs that inspire curiosity, foster creativity, and promote STEM education.


“We are honored and thrilled to be named a finalist in the 2024 Best of South Carolina Voting,” said Gaurav Sangal, Owner of STEM For Kids SC Columbia Franchise. “This recognition validates our efforts to provide engaging and enriching after-school programs that empower children with valuable STEM skills and knowledge.”


STEM For Kids SC Columbia has established itself as a leader in STEM education, offering a diverse range of programs designed to ignite passion and enthusiasm for learning among students. From robotics and coding to engineering and science, the organization’s after-school programs cater to children’s interests and help them develop essential skills for future success.


“We believe in the transformative power of STEM education to shape the next generation of innovators and problem-solvers,” added Gaurav. “Being named a finalist in the Best of South Carolina Voting motivates us to continue our mission of providing impactful educational experiences for children in our community.”


As part of the voting process, STEM For Kids SC Columbia encourages community members to show their support by casting a vote once a day until May 31 on the official Best of South Carolina Voting website at . Every vote counts, and supporters can help propel STEM For Kids SC Columbia to victory in the After School Programs category.


“Congratulations Gaurav and the Columbia Team for this recognition. We wish you continued success in your endeavors”, said Moni Singh, Founder and CEO of STEM For Kids®


To learn more about the summer camps, after-school programs, and STEM / STEAM classes being offered in South Carolina Columbia and surrounding areas, contact Gaurav at or visit

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With over 1500 hours of STEM activities in various themes covering engineering (aerospace, civil, mechanical, environmental, bio-medicine), technology (coding, robots, Artificial Intelligence, Internet Of Things), business and social emotional learning, educators, parents and students have a lot to get excited about. 


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