STEM For Kids In Action

4 Dimensional Learning In Action

4 Dimensional Learning is at the heart of everything we do. STEM + Social Emotional Learning + Career Connections all delivered in an inter-disciplinary way.

A Taste of Instructor Led Online Classes

In our ILOC, students are in a live virtual classroom led by a trained and talented STEM Coach. Children collaborate with their instructor and other children in the virtual class. In these structured learning experience, children receive engagement, interaction and guided learning with their live instructor.

Covid-19... Yes, kids made an app for that!

Children show their phone app for triaging Covid-19, and public service announcements on Measles and Pneumonia. Way to go kids!

Making Smart Decisions: Budgeting In Action

Budgeting isn’t easy! Children making buying decisions for their building needs to match their budget.

Parent Feedback on Our Instructor Led Online Class (ILOC)

“The instructors have been guiding them the whole way, answering questions, giving them questions to think about, to reinforce …skills while providing an enrichment. I have seen Ian blossom.”  ~ Jillian, a Parent

Build To Market Challenges

STEM and Entrepreneurship make an awesome combination.Check out this amazing “Cleaney the Robot” commercial made by kids.

Internet of Things. Now within kids' reach!

Industry is consumed today with all things Internet of Things (IoT)… billions of dollars are being invested. So, can kids learn about it? Yes, at STEM For Kids… of course! Bravo kids for designing your circuits and programming using Python your basic motion detector system.

City Planning

Welcome to the “Nitro City”. Children have designed their urban landscape and in this video clip they are showcasing their retail outlets in their city.

Biomedical Engineering: Jobs of the Future

Children showcase their simulation of germs in the human body.

Can We Hear It For Motion Commotion?

In one of our most popular series of programs connecting with the career of Mechanical Engineering, children enjoy a quick game of target practice while reflecting on the laws of motion!

Rocket Blast Offs at STEM For Kids Aerospace Engineering Camps

AEROSPACE ENGINEERING – Watch Aerospace “engineers in training” test out their rocket launch designs. Participants demonstrate not only their STEM skills but also their communication and collaboration in this rocket launch showcase!

STEM For Kids Robotics Program: The Great Robogator Race!

ROBOTICS – Participants have designed and created their Robogators working diligently and collaboratively. Now, it is time to put their creations to test in the Great Robogator Race. Go ahead, cheer the participating teams!

Computer Game Making Lab at STEM For Kids

COMPUTER GAME MAKING LAB™ – Watch STEM For Kids program participants (2nd – 5th graders) demonstrate their computer games. The young computer game makers enjoy presenting their creative designing, programming and communication skills.

STEM For Kids Electrical Engineering - Flying Saucers!

ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING – Participants are learning the basics of an electrical circuit (just snap and go, no need for soddering). They have learnt about current, resistance and voltage. In this video, they showcase their flying saucers.

STEM For Kids Robotics - Shooting Bots

ROBOTICS – Participants have created their Striking Bots. Watch the robots engage in a friendly ball-shooting match up!

STEM For Kids Mechanical Engineering - Car Racing!

MECHANICAL ENGINEERING – Through several hands-on projects and a lot of critical thinking, participants have explored  M&M – Motion and Machine. Now they are ready to test their wheels.