Onsite and Remote Learning Strategies For STEM / STEAM with SEL

Bring Interdisciplinary Coding, Biomed, Engineering and Business Programs to Your School Age Students, Get the Best For Career Connections and Social Emotional Learning at Your School, School District or Organization.

Online Classes For Students

We conduct instructor-led online classes for your students including school asynchronous days and virtual field trips. Students are guided through their learning with engaging activities.

Online STEM Classes (Our instructors, your students)

Delivered Services: Onsite Classes for Students

In markets served by a STEM For Kids center or franchisee, we provide on-site delivered services like in-school field trips, afterschool programs, camps, assembly, STEM nights, early release days, etc. We send instructor (s) with materials to conduct classes for your students per your needs.

STEM Classes At Your Site (Our instructors, your students)

Curriculum Services: Teacher Training and Resources

We provide you lesson plans and materials, and train your staff (online or on-site) so you can conduct the classes with your students by yourself (online or on-site).

Professional Development, Training and Curriculum Subscription (your instructors, your students)

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