Celebrating Three Years of STEM Excellence: STEM For Kids Alabama Mobile Bay Marks Milestone Anniversary

Raleigh, North Carolina,  and Mobile, Alabama USA  05/20/2024


STEM For Kids Alabama Mobile Bay proudly celebrates their 3 year anniversary and its selection as a finalist in two esteemed categories of the 2024 Nappie Awards. The organization has been recognized for its exceptional contributions to children’s education and entertainment as a finalist for “Best Summer Camp – Day” and “Best Birthday Party Place” in the Kids Category.


With a career spanning nine years in the classroom and a Master’s of Education in Teaching and Learning with a STEM Certification from Clemson University, Ashton Crist found her calling in spreading a love for learning through STEM For Kids®


“Finding my passion has led me to become a franchisee for STEM For Kids. I knew [they] were for me after my initial meeting! I searched for several months, but there is nothing on the market quite like STEM For Kids,” said Ashton.


Witnessing the transformative power of STEM education firsthand, Ashton recalls her favorite moments when students, after facing initial setbacks, embrace the challenge of improvement, leading to their ultimate success and excitement. These experiences serve as the driving force behind her dedication to leading STEM classes, ensuring children discover their passion for STEM.


“My favorite part of STEM is when students create their first product, and it fails because they are quick to respond with a way to improve their product based on what they learned. Then, when they redesign and have success, the excitement in their eyes and on their faces is what keeps me wanting to lead more and more STEM classes so that children can find their passion!”


Through partnerships with Covenant Academy and various First Class Pre-K programs in Baldwin County and Mobile County, STEM For Kids Mobile Bay is delivering robotics, computer programming, and engineering challenges to students in preK – 8. Additionally, STEM For Kids Mobile Bay offers diverse programs, including field trips, birthday parties, and camps, at their location in Fairhope, AL.


“We want every student to be introduced to STEM programs. We are reaching diverse groups of children through our schools that receive government funding to bring STEM to their schools.” Ashton added, “This introduces all children to a STEM future.”


Looking ahead, STEM For Kids Mobile Bay aims to expand its reach to more elementary and middle schools, fostering a future where every student has access to STEM education. By collaborating with schools receiving government funding, STEM For Kids Mobile Bay seeks to introduce diverse groups of children to the possibilities of a STEM future.


“It has been great having Ashton and her team in the growing STEM For Kids network. We love the energy you have brought especially in providing services to our youngest audiences in preK – grades 3. Congratulations on your anniversary and we wish you continued success”, said Moni Singh, the Founder and CEO of STEM For Kids®



“We are thrilled and honored to be named finalists in not just one, but two categories of the prestigious Nappies Awards,” said Ashton, “Being named a finalist in the Nappies Awards motivates us to continue our mission of empowering the next generation of innovators and leaders.”


As part of the voting process for 2024 Nappie Awards, STEM For Kids AL Mobile Bay encourages community members to show their support by casting a vote once a day from May 1 to May 26 on the official Nappie Awards website at https://votenappies.com . Every vote counts, and supporters can help propel STEM For Kids AL Mobile Bay to victory in both categories.


To learn more about the summer camps, after-school programs and STEM / STEAM classes being offered in Alabama Mobile Bay and surrounding areas, contact Ashton at almobilebay@stemforkids.net or visit www.stemforkids.net

 Since 2011, STEM For Kids® has been enabling purpose-driven educators and entrepreneurs to bring life- and career-readiness skills to preK-8 children in their communities. 

With over 1500 hours of STEM activities in various themes covering engineering (aerospace, civil, mechanical, environmental, bio-medicine), technology (coding, robots, Artificial Intelligence, Internet Of Things), business and social emotional learning, educators, parents and students have a lot to get excited about. 

STEM For Kids® ranked #173 on the highly coveted Entrepreneur Magazine’s Franchise 500 list. With a growing network of STEM For Kids® operators, educators, trained teachers, and franchisees, we have impacted numerous communities across the globe. Add your community now, https://teach4d.stemforkids.net/edu-services 

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