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Evaluating any business opportunity takes effort and time. We have taken the effort and time to address some of the most frequently asked questions. Take a look to learn more about the STEM For Kids® franchise opportunity. If your question is not listed here, feel free to contact us and we will be happy to address your question.


How is the business operating in the Corona time?

Models in education are changing and STEM For Kids remains committed to helping our franchisees continue to make STEM fun and real as the demand for STEM skills has accelerated.

We are committed to the health and safety of the families and the communities we serve, and the health and well being of our STEM Coaches worldwide. In response to Covid-19, and in compliance with the regulatory directives of the local / state / federal authorities, many of our locations had suspended in-person programs. Additionally, many locations took extraordinary steps to help children, families, and their educators through online and virtual resources.

As markets open back up, our locations are offering online, in-person and a blend of the two as per the local regulations and circumstances.

How will I make money as a STEM For Kids Franchisee?

As a STEM For Kids franchisee, you will be able to offer STEM / STEAM programs to school age children throughout the year… it doesn’t matter whether children are in school or outside of school. Programs are delivered as:

  • after-school programs (at schools or in standalone centers)
  • in-school field trips (during the school day)
  • evening and weekend classes; STEM Saturdays / STEM Sundays
  • summer camps (full day camps and/or half day camps)
  • Inter-sessions camps (spring break, winter break, track-out camps)
  • special holiday programs
  • teacher workday or early release day programs
  • in-school assembly programs
  • programs for homeschool groups
  • birthday parties and other celebrations
  • merit badge programs for Girl Scouts / Boy Scouts
  • in-company programs and more

There are many educational franchises available. Why STEM For Kids?

STEM For Kids offers the most comprehensive portfolio of STEM / STEAM curricula for kids. Moreover, we are growing that portfolio aggressively unlike our competition.

We currently have 40 different courses in varied topics of engineering, robotics, automation, computer programming / coding, bio-medicine and entrepreneurship totaling about 1200 hours of instruction and growing! See the details on our programs page.

In education industry, curriculum content is the king. Look for franchises that provide you a curriculum portfolio that is strong  and growing so that you can generate repeat and new sales with fresh programs.

What are the benefits of STEM For Kids curricula?

STEM For Kids is unique in its strong ties to the real world of STEM. Programs are designed to specifically address “so what” in a hands-on way. This allows the children to connect their learning to real life applications.

There is more! Since all of our curriculum have connections with educational standards and real life career skills, the parents, teachers and educators like it that their children can engage in active learning in our programs.

We seamlessly integrate critical life skills – the 4Cs of Communication, Collaboration, Critical Thinking and Creativity – in each program.

Engineering Design Projects (EDPs) are a regular part of our curricula. During an EDP, children are encouraged to work in teams or individually to come up with creative solutions to various design challenges. They think critically about the presented challenge, work in a methodological way to devise their solution, test it and improvise their creations based upon the test results.

Some of our programs even train children in resume-ready skills like coding with Python or making websites with WordPress.

4 Dimensional Learning… only at STEM For Kids! Ask us about it.

Looking beyond the strong curriculum portfolio, what are your other advantages?

  • Within your territory, you can offer your programs at multiple sites! You are not constrained to operate your business out of just one center. This allows you to maximize the potential of your territory as you can bring your programs to sites that your customers can conveniently reach.
  • Our business model does not require you to lease a dedicated retail space. Keep your costs low and scale as you grow. We show you the way.
  • We provide territories custom fitted to your taste.
  • Our brand recognition and momentum is another salient point. Entrepreneur Magazine ranked us in their highly esteemed Franchise 500 ranking at #280 in 2020 for our outstanding performance in areas including unit growth, financial strength and stability, and brand power.

What do I get for the initial franchising fee and royalty?

We have an operation system and training devised to help you hit the ground running as you convert your dreams into reality. Following is a listing of some of the things covered by your fees:

  • Initial training to setup and operate your business.
  • Hand-holding support right after initial training to help with your business launch.
  • Access to our proprietary Territory Management Process that provides you detailed operating procedures for conducting your STEM For Kids business. Covering all aspects of business including initial go-to market planning, organizational planning, site selection, business development, marketing, hiring, operations, accounting templates, IT/technology setup, program administration, lead management/conversion and customer relations.
  • Help with devising your “beachhead” market strategy.
  • Help with your launch press release.
  • Access to marketing collateral – flyers, documents, presentation templates to use for your marketing and business development efforts.
  • Local marketing strategies.
  • Proposal templates so you can work on converting your B2B leads expeditiously.
  • Human Resources paperwork templates including employees and contractors.
  • Training on our proprietary 4-Dimensional Learning System designed to make STEM learning fun and real.
  • Training on our proprietary curricula and program delivery methods.
  • Access to our proprietary set of curricula that includes our detailed instructional manuals, student handbook, program digital webpages and suggested program delivery formats.
  • STEM industry experience distilled into hands-on activities to make STEM fun and real while reinforcing educational standards.
  • Benefit of our ongoing investments in curriculum development and maintenance. Which means, you get new programming activities and new curricula to generate more new and repeat sales.
  • Scalable and mobile delivery model.
  • Cloud-based information management infrastructure for ease of access supporting your mobility and scale.
  • A protected territory to setup and grow your STEM For Kids Franchise. In US market, we provide you with a list of public and private schools in your territory with contact information so you can hit the ground running.
  • Ongoing support and training.
  • Regular check-ins to ensure smooth operations, uncover issues and help you with solutions.
  • A template website for your territory.
  • Access to CRM (Customer Relationship Management) tool to manage your business.
  • Access to our Registration Management System to offer programs (camps and classes), seek student registrations, collect payments and more.

Do you offer any special incentives?

Special incentives may be available from time to time. If there is an incentive, you will be provided the information through our formal disclosures to you about the franchise opportunity.

What is included in the initial investment estimate?

The initial investment includes the following: the initial franchise fees, cost of equipment for your business office, cost of programming equipment, miscellaneous opening costs (legal, accounting, business insurance, marketing, etc.) and an estimate for 3-months of post-launch expenditures. Of these cost items, you pay the initial franchise fees to us. Other items are payable to 3rd party providers that you work with. You will find item details in our Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD). FDD is made available to you after you authorize its release with a signed form and is subject to your state / country specific regulatory requirements.

Lately, I have been hearing about STEAM. What is it? Do you do STEAM?

STEAM is Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math. Proponents of a balance of art with sciences have coined this term. Yes, we do STEAM. Our STEM based curricula includes a seamless integration of 4Cs – Communication, Collaboration, Critical Thinking and Creativity – these are included so that children experience arts with STEM including language arts, history, creative expression using drawing, coloring, painting, role play, story-telling, etc. See our founder’s blog post (To STEM or To STEAM?) for more details.

Will I conduct classes at my home?

No. The STEM For Kids home-based business model implies that you can operate your general administration and business management from your home office or any office of your choosing. Programs conducted with children are delivered at various approved sites like schools, faith-based centers or other community spaces.

Does STEM For Kids provide financing?

At STEM For Kids, we are committed to providing our franchisees with resources to enable you to own and operate your business. A strong financial plan is a big part of that. A STEM For Kids franchise is eligible for SBA finance assistance. We can also connect you with 3rd party financing who can assist you with ins and outs of funding your business.

Am I required to have a STEM degree to qualify as a franchisee?

A degree in STEM education would be beneficial to you in running a STEM For Kids franchise. It is not required though. Take a look at our franchisee qualification criteria.

I took a break from work / decided to be a stay at home mom/dad. Now I want to get back to work. Is this a good opportunity for me?

Congratulations for considering bringing your skills back to the economy. Take a look at our Back To Work information.

What do the franchise owners do?

Most owners focus their time on business development, marketing & management. Some also get involved with curriculum instruction.

* Business development entails working with local public/private schools and others children’s focused organizations in offering STEM For Kids programs to the children they serve. The owner will find ways to bring afterschool programs, camps and in-school programs to these institutions.

* Business development also entails finding local space partners like churches, community centers where the owner can offer STEM programs to the broader community.

* Marketing involves generating local awareness about programs to get paying customers / parents who want to enroll their children in STEM programs and to get paying institutional customers as discussed above.

* Management involves hiring and scheduling staff, customer support, overall supervision of programs and business administration.

* Curriculum instruction – Most owners hire staff for curriculum instruction. Some do it themselves on a limited basis initially till the time their business ramps up.

I am a new college graduate. I am just entering workforce or I have worked for only a few years. Is this a good opportunity for me?

Your fresh perspectives and energy are needed to create excitement about STEM in communities. Take a look at our Recent Graduates information.

I am seeking a career change. What opportunity do I have?

We wish you the best as you explore new career paths for you. Take a look at our Career Change information.

How do the royalty minimums work?

Your royalty dues are always 7% of gross sales. Monthly minimum royalty comes into effect only if your 7% of gross sales comes out to be lower than the minimum.

How is the territory defined?

We define a territory by a grouping of zipcodes (in USA), county or MSAs. Once assigned to you, our territories are protected and we will not award another STEM For Kids franchise in your territory.

``Many of the companies we found on different parts of the world, focused on robotics or just one area of STEM, and we were looking for a broader scope, with courses combining soft skills, and in-person training. We found STEM For Kids and knew immediately this was the one.”

Fernando Oria

Mexico City

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