For Schools – Case Studies

A school district in NC wanted to provide enrichment opportunities for its ESL / migrant students in elementary, middle and high schools during summer.

STEM For Kids brought its team of STEM Coaches on-site to conduct concurrent hands-on STEM Camps: Mechanical Engineering for younger group and Robotics for the older group.

A school district in South Carolina wanted to train teachers in technology and computer science.

STEM For Kids provided on-site training for the district's teachers in two STEM For Kids curricula. We also provided curriculum materials and post-training support.

A school district in New Jersery wanted to provide STEM enrichment opportunities for its students as part of the school day like an in-school field trip.

STEM For Kids came on-site and delivered Ah! The Power of Math Workshop to students in 5th - 7th grades over a course of two school days.

A school in North Carolina needed to offer STEM programs for its students during the after school hours.

They did not want the botheration of managing student registrations and payments handling.
STEM For Kids provided a ``turnkey`` afterschool experience for the school. We took care of student registrations, payments, parent communications and materials and program delivery.
A public school wanted to offer STEM Computer programming enrichment to its after school students. The school had an ongoing in-house after-school program.
The school involved STEM For Kids to come on a monthly schedule to extend the school's after school offering by adding computer programming.