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The foundation of our STEM experience is

A 4 Dimensional Learning that includes: Core Ideas, Cross Cutting Concepts (CCCs), Career Connections and Practices (CCPs) and Social Emotional Learning (SEL).

At STEM For Kids, we believe in hands-on mindful enquiry-based activities with purposeful learning and student engagement. Our curricula and programs align with educational standards like:

Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) and state specific

Common Core Mathematical and Language Arts Practice

Information and Technology Standards

Computer Science Education Standards

STEM skills include 100s of skills covering computing, engineering, life, social sciences, installation, repair & more, and they apply in various occupations including many non-STEM jobs!


It is important to showcase this diversity to the students.


We have the most comprehensive line-up of STEM / STEAM curriculum including computer coding, health and biomedicine, engineering, robotics and automation, business and entrepreneurship.

With over 40 courses (more than 1200 hours of instruction), there is a lot to engage your students in hands-on STEM.

The world of science and technology is evolving fast. What was an exciting field 5 years ago, is not so anymore. Not only do we have the most comprehensive lineup today, but also we are adding new programs to that lineup regularly. This enables you to stay relevant in your school / classroom without you having to chase the latest and greatest happenings in the industry.
How do we do it?
Through our rigorous curriculum development and delivery process.
Each of our program curriculum is conceived based on industry trends. Curriculum development involves brainstorming with STEM practitioners, hours of testing the concept and its delivery with children subjects to ensure that the content is easy to understand, interesting and hands-on. Any activity that does not meet our criteria is vetted out.

Get access to STEM For Kids’ proprietary curriculum that bring real world of science and engineering to a child’s level. Already deployed in 14 US states and 5 countries.

Get your teachers trained on STEM For Kids 4 Dimensional Learning methods and curricula.

Get the real-world STEM being delivered in 300+ sites globally.

Bring hands-on minds-on STEM to your students during the school day.

These are grade level focused STEM classes designed to extend students’ learning of science and math.

Our 4 Dimensional Learning includes core ideas in science, cross-cutting concepts and career connections and practices like engineering design projects, critical thinking, communications, creativity and collaboration.

Educators, the curricula is aligned with national and state standards.

Per Afterschool Alliance, out of school STEM programs show positive outcomes in improving students’ attitude towards STEM careers, increasing their knowledge and skills, and providing a higher likelihood for graduation. You can deliver as:

  • Camps – Summer, Intersession and Track Outs
  • Afterschool or beforeschool programs

Provide custom programs for your students on-site when school is out of session. We train you on curriculum and delivery methods and provide you curriculum materials. We can customize based on your needs.