Social and Emotional Learning With STEM

Every child deserves early hands-on exploration of real-life science and engineering in a fun way.

Why Fun? So that the kids are engaged. They enjoy their experience and feel the desire to do more.
Why Make It Real? So that they they understand the “so what” behind the STEM concepts, see a connection to real-life careers and relate it to what they are learning in their schools.
See the world-renowned STEM For Kids' 4 Dimensional Learning that is making STEM Fun and Real for children.

Instructors are knowledgeable. informative and caring…My son comes home from camp every day with new skills learned and new ideas formed. His creativity sky-rockets when surrounded with technology and with teachers who encourage his left brain ideas.



They not only cover important STEM concepts with hands on materials, they also encourage team work, collaborative learning and can individualize for the needs of the different ages and learning styles.


Head of School

We have the most comprehensive line-up of STEM / STEAM curriculum including computer coding, health and biomedicine, engineering, robotics and automation, game designing, business and entrepreneurship.

We do the research on trends shaping work force and investments in the real world like Internet of Things (IoT); and then bring those topics in a kid friendly way to children.

STEM skills are diverse – 100s of skills that apply in a variety of occupations including non-STEM jobs! Show your children the immense possibilities.
With over 40 courses, there is a lot to engage your child in hands-on STEM.

98% parents like the variety of our program themes.

See the various program themes here. See offerings in your area here.


At STEM For Kids, we provide a fun engaging learning experience that parents want for their children and that children want to do. Brain research shows that fun is an important ingredient for learning and memory.

95% parents enrolled their child in our programs because their child wanted it.

The foundation of our STEM experience is a 4 Dimensional Learning that seamlessly brings core educational concepts together with career connections and real world practices like engineering design, the 4Cs – communication, collaboration, critical thinking and creativity in a fun hands-on, mindful way. Since our inception in 2011, we have been delivering STEM packaged with Social Emotional Learning (SEL) because you want your child to be well-rounded and life ready.

94% parents confirm that their child gained new knowledge, skills and abilities.

The instructors have been guiding them the whole way, answering questions, giving them questions to think about, to reinforce the skills while providing an enrichment. I have seen `{`my child`}` blossom.



The entire STEM program is oriented towards activities that promote communication and teamwork. … I really enjoy being in the classrooms and seeing how the students manage to think for themselves and come up with answers they might never have imagined.


STEM Coach

Our programs begin with the end in mind… showcasing to children the real-life careers connected with what they will learn with us. This is important to clarify the “so what” for the students; how the learning applies to the real life.

Our comprehensive set of programs showcase various fields of engineering, health, computer programming, business and finance careers.

Our programs are offered both online and in-person.

Our instructor-led online classes (ILOC) provide live virtual classroom for small groups of children and is delivered to your children via the Internet. The class is led by a trained and talented STEM Coach. Children collaborate with their instructor and other children in the virtual class. In these structured learning experiences, children receive engagement, interaction and guided learning with their live instructor.

Think about where our world is heading… a convergence of our physical, digital and biological worlds! Various emerging technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, Big Data and Cyber Security are shaping this new future. Our program delivery methods and our curricula are designed to help your children get ready for this converged future.

Gamify learning

Hands-on learning in some STEM topics is further enhanced through ‘gamification’. Children go on e-missions, achieve levels and milestone points all in the spirit of developing an intrinsic motivation to persevere, learn and do better.

STEM For Kids programs are offered in various locations through a network of franchisees, trained school teachers, and our company owned locations.

While our programs take place in a variety of settings – STEM Centers, school, community centers, religious centers – safety of your children and their overall learning experience are always our priority.

95% parents find our locations convenient

If we are not in your region yet, you can learn about franchising or you can request programs at your site here.

STEM For Kids programs are offered in various formats.

Our activities provide quality STEM enrichment during in-school time (regular classes, in-school field trips, assembly and workshops) and during out-of-school time (as birthday parties, afterschool programs, before school, weekend and evening STEM clubs, summer camps, intersession break camps and trackout camps, holiday programs).


The offerings vary by market. Check out programs in your area here.



Our instruction staff, STEM Coaches, are trained on not just the curriculum content but also the STEM For Kids’ unique 4 Dimensional Learning method to provide engaging learning experience for students.

Our coaches receive ongoing training and feedback to ensure quality of instruction.

Each coach is background checked to ensure safety.

When science comes together with math, engineering and technology using our 4 dimensional learning system, magic happens! The individual silos of STEM become alive focused on solving real world challenges. Participants experience many “Ahas” of integrating the silos of knowledge.
The child is encouraged to explore and develop social and interpersonal skills, and active thinking. Life and career readiness, after all, needs our children well-rounded and equipped with knowledge and social and emotional learning (SEL).

Children enrolled in STEM For Kids summer camps, trackout camps, afterschool programs, STEM Saturdays and other regular classes earn credits. These credits propel the child towards acquiring higher levels of achievement in STEM.

STEM PAL is aimed to motivate participants and celebrate their ongoing quest to acquire STEM knowledge and expertise. Based on participation, research, collaboration and application, children can go from Level 1 (Novice ) to Level 12 (Legendary).

Our programs are offered in multiple levels based on the complexity of subject matter covered. Most programs are offered in mixed grade settings. Delivery is customized per children’s abilities.
Program levels do not directly associate with age group of participants. The offered programs in your area will specifically identify the target grade levels for that program. Pay special attention to these grade level recommendations when registering for a program.