STEM For Kids Franchisees Set Out to Make a Huge Impact in Mexico

Morrisville, NC, USA and Mexico City, Mexico 5/24/19

Caribel-Nadia-Mariana-STEM-For-Kids-Mexico-City“We are a group of normal people, sailing through our lives, some of us have kids, some of us like soccer, some of us like to read, run or ride a bicycle, and we all have been somewhat successful professionals in our jobs, but all of this does not make us unique. What makes us stand out is the shared desire to do something to help everyone have more opportunities in life.” STEM For Kids Mexico City Franchise Co-Founder, Fernando Oria.

The latest addition to the STEM For Kids franchisee network is STEM For Kids Mexico City, a team of multidisciplinary people with founding partners, Andrea San Martin, Caribel Palomar, Nadia Goenaga, Miguel Canduela, and Fernando Oria. They come from different backgrounds, have multi-faceted expertise  and share the common goal of making education better in Mexico and Latin America.

STEM/STEAM as an education concept, is seeing a nice start in the country. Lately, there have been strong efforts from many schools, ministry of education, private sector companies, universities and other institutions to promote STEM careers and to put Mexico on the map in the scientific and technology scene around the world. The founders saw an opportunity to do a lot more to make a real impact.

“… and that is why we decided to jump in, collaborate and challenge the status quo.”

Their goal is to have quality education for all the people in the social and economic spectrum by promoting innovative curriculum accessible for all.

“And when we say, “for all”, we mean it… In Mexico, around 80% of all students go to public schools, which are pretty deficient; many don’t have proper conditions and equipment, and teachers have a very basic preparation. It is more dramatic in rural communities where sometimes schools have dirt floors. So besides working with private schools, we are partnering with foundations and corporations to bring STEM For Kids programs to kids who have to learn under these conditions”, says Fernando.

A TED Talk on STEM by the GM of Google Mexico at the Central Bank of Mexico caught attention of one of the founders. Convinced that this is the future of education, they decided to get in.

However, with their backgrounds in business, psychology, finance and pedagogy, they didn’t feel prepared to create their own curriculum covering engineering, science and technology.
“So we started looking for someone who truly believed in the power of STEM, not only as a chance to make money out of it, but to empower future generations with technical and behavioral skills, helping the kids be better prepared for what is waiting for them in the near future on real life.
This led us to a thorough search for the right partner. Many of the companies we found on different parts of the world, focused on robotics or just one area of STEM, and we were looking for a broader scope, with courses combining soft skills, and in-person training. We found STEM For Kids and knew immediately this was the one.”
The Director of the Iberdrola Foundation (the foundation promotes positive changes for the sustainable development of the planet and the most vulnerable people) in Mexico said:
“This is a great opportunity to close the gap in education bringing quality content, materials and games to kids that otherwise may never see in their lives.”
Learn more about the summer camps, afterschool programs and STEM / STEAM classes being offered in Álvaro Obregón, Benito Juárez, and Miguel Hidalgo in the Mexico City Megalopolis or request programs at your site by visiting or email

STEM For Kids® provides a comprehensive curriculum comprising of engineering, biomedicine, computer programming / coding, robotics, automation and business programs for school-age children through summer camps, trackout camps, afterschool programs, weekend classes and classes in and outside schools. 

National and international franchise opportunities for this innovative children’s services and educational enrichment system are available. The STEM For Kids brand is generating significant national and international interest and has made into various “Best of ” lists including Entrepreneur Magazine’s Top New Franchises, Best Trends, Franchise 500, The Vangaurd List, Startup Magazine’s Companies Ready to Make you the Boss, Franchise Gator’s Franchise 100 and Americas Best Franchise lists.

Business owners can start with as low as $20,000. Entrepreneurs looking for a low-cost entry into children’s educational services can learn more and apply at the STEM For Kids website, or call +1 866 991 7053.

Schools, Principals, Superintendents, STEM Coordinators, Teachers and After-School Coordinators can bring the innovative programs to their schools as camps, in-school field trips, classes and after-school / before-school programs. Request on-site programs or curriculum training / professional development at

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