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How A Middle School Is Making STEM Careers More Attainable For Its Diverse Students

Raleigh, NC USA and Houston, TX USA 3/11/2024 “Our students are primarily African-American and for them, careers in STEM seemed unattainable before we began working with STEM For Kids,” says Cheryl Lawson, the Superintendent of The Lawson Academy in Houston, Texas.   The Lawson Academy is a public middle school established in 2002 by Reverend Bill …


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From Medicine to Education, MDs on A New Mission

Morrisville, NC, USA and Sarasota, FL “The practice of anesthesiology requires continual medical education to stay up-to-date with the most current standards of practice. As lifelong learners, we believe in the importance of early education in STEM-related subjects, which are practical in real-life applications”, says Jack Lin M.D, an anesthesiologist embarking on bringing coding, engineering, …


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Financial Savvy Curriculum For School Age Children

Morrisville, NC 8/26/19  Financial literacy is the understanding of various financial aspects including earning, managing, and investing money. According to a 2015 study by the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA), teaching financial skills to kids before they enter college or the workforce is crucial to helping them grow into adults who can achieve financial security and success. However, trends …


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Mother of Triplets Opens her First STEM For Kids Franchise in Queens, New York

Morrisville, NC, USA and Queens, NY   “As a female in IT [Information Technology] I’ve noticed the playing field is still unbalanced with more males dominating the space and so I want to encourage young girls to not shy away from this choice”, says Christina Toufexis, STEM For Kids franchisee in Queens, New York. Christina’s story begins …


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Children’s Gateway to the World of Big Data!

Teens and Pre-teens can now explore data science. Announcing new program: Python and Data Science. Morrisville / RTP NC 12/3/2018 – STEM For Kids is a story of numerous “firsts” for children. Keeping up our reputation as the trailblazers in the education enrichment and services for school age children, we are thrilled to announce another …


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New Curriculum – Entrepreneurship Build to Market Challenge

Announcing STEMpreneurship Camps and Classes; launches with NC Coastal Pines Girl Scouts. Morrisville / RTP NC 2/26/2018 – The great inventions and technologies that shape our worlds today are a result of successful market launches. STEM and innovations need business ethos and acumen to become a desirable product or service. It is never too early …


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Four Steps to Unleashing Your Potential

By: Moni Singh Fear, the instinct that helps us survive with fight or flight tendencies in extreme circumstances, can also wreak havoc due to inaction in other situations. For people looking to come out of corporate jobs, starting a new business sounds really sexy. “What if I invest my hard work and long hours into …


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Remember Why You Started

By: Moni Singh You make a goal. Full of optimism, you take the first step – this could be seeking more information about the goal. You think, “This is it! My move to change my life”. But, soon enough you lose track of your goal. Life moves on … same old, same old! My work …


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4 Steps to Making a Change

By: Moni Singh Any change, a break from the pattern, evokes the psychological reactions for fear, uncertainty and doubt. This happens irrespective of whether the change is forced upon us or it is a change we desire. I speak with many people who want to be entrepreneurs and want to make change in their lives. …


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My 4 Habits for New Beginnings

By: Moni Singh New Year begins with a new set of resolutions. It is great to reflect and check back on those – how many did you keep? How many just stayed a wish? Change is not easy. Here are my 4 habits for any new beginning: When going gets tough, SMILE I learned this …


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Overcoming The Fear of Success Syndrome

By Sharon Carey SATURDAY, OCTOBER 4, 2014 There have been many articles and books written on overcoming The Fear of Success Syndrome which seems to be an oxymoron. Here’s an example of the symptoms.Mary was on her way to becoming a very successful consultant. She had over 20 years of experience in her field and …


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The chains of habits …

SUNDAY, AUGUST 26, 2012 I learned something pretty young even though it took me many years to fully understand it. Growing up, when I was in elementary school, students took turn to present news headlines and a thought of the day every morning during assembly. My first experience standing with a microphone on a podium …


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First things first … back to basics

FRIDAY, AUGUST 17, 2012 Some interesting discussions with academia took me back to an important foundational question … what is STEM? The letters in the acronym STEM tell us part of the story – Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. However, the 21st century skills that our children need are something more than just this simplistic …