Remember Why You Started

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By: Moni Singh

You make a goal. Full of optimism, you take the first step – this could be seeking more information about the goal. You think, “This is it! My move to change my life”. But, soon enough you lose track of your goal. Life moves on … same old, same old!

My work brings me to many aspiring individuals in the quest for their next big thing – a new job, a new business, a new “take charge” individual.   Yet most of the aspirations stay in a state of limbo. Why?

Life Takes Over

Life’s day to day priorities find a way to consume you. “There is just not enough time to think about making the change”, you say to yourself.

The core issue is not time but your commitment towards your goal. Actually, a goal without an action plan and a timeline is not even a goal… it is an aspiration, a desire… that’s it.

Remember Why You Started

When the same old, same old bothers you, think back to your first step towards making a change in your life. Force yourself to think about the reasons why you started that process in the first place. There is a desire or perhaps a pain deep inside you that got you started. Is it your current job that has become too political, too boring and seems to suck up all your energy? Is it the frustration of going around in circles satisfying others when your own wishes stay unfulfilled? Is it the discomfort of a hurt self esteem because you got demoted or perhaps sidelined from a higher position that should have been yours? Is it the exasperation of being stuck with a boss who doesn’t know what s/he wants? Is it the fear of not having any control over your future? Is it the anxiety of not having achieved your life’s purpose yet? Is it the monotony of playing defense all the time with life’s punches?

Now ask yourself, have you given up and compromised with your situation?

Whatever you may think or say to yourself, the real answer is if you still feel that pain, that desire, you are itching for the change.

This self assessment is important before you can muster enough strength to commit to your own life’s goals.

Do you remember why you started?

About the author: Moni Singh is an entrepreneur and business leader in STEM. As the president of SFK Franchising Inc, she works with many entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs-to-be who desire to get into an educational children’s business. Her postings are colored by her own experiences marked by some failed attempts leading up to her successful transition from a corporate career to full time entrepreneurship.