Computer Science represent the fastest growing segment of jobs in all STEM fields. Programs are designed to engage young minds and help them advance from being merely computer users to creators.



Showcasing fields of engineering that have fueled development, industrial revolution, civic infrastructure projects, access to clean water, human flight and reach outside planet Earth.



The use of innovative technologies is improving products and processes all around us. Programs are designed to promote innovative thinking in young minds inspiring an entrepreneurial mindset.



Biomedical engineering, a new emerging field, deals with the application of engineering principles and design concepts to medicine and biology for healthcare purposes.








Franchise 500 Ranked #280


``Congratulations, for providing a magnificent STEM for children. What a blessing for our kids!`` ~ a parent

“I am now interested in science and my grades are improving, since doing the computer science after school program!” ~ Essence, a middle schooler

``Beautifully incorporates engineering into children’s activities. My son loves the program!” ~ a parent

“The camp was nice, awesome and fun. I loved all the experiments.” ~ Chase, a 1st grader

“hands on activities allow them to make a better connection with their learning experiences” ~ Teacher, middle school



Football to Finance to Education: A Wealth Manager’s Leap Towards Generating Community Wealth Through Kids

Morrisville, NC,  and Katy, TX USA  05/04/2022 After almost 20 years of making his mark in the financial industry by working for Merrill Lynch, UBS, and starting his own firm in 2011, Tyre Post is an expert in wealth management, providing wholistic financial advise to help clients grow and protect their assets.   Once Tyre ...

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Cooperative Purchasing Now Available for Schools & School Districts

Morrisville, NC  USA  9/2/2021 STEM For Kids has been awarded a cooperative purchasing contract in the STEM Curriculum Solutions category at Sourcewell.    Sourcewell is a self-sustaining government organization offering a cooperative purchasing program with more than 400 competitively solicited contracts to government, education, and nonprofit entities throughout North America. By utilizing Sourcewell contracts, participating ...

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Don’t Overthink, Just Start

Morrisville, NC  USA  6/4/2021 “The first thing I would say is take full advantage of the resources out there and don’t overthink, just start. It’s important to get started, [and] it’s also important to find role models, so you can learn from your journeys,” says Sanjeev Somani, Founder and CEO of Tribyl (tribyl.com).     Moni ...

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Up From #280 to #173 on Entrepreneur Franchise 500® 2021 Rankings

Morrisville, NC  USA  5/27/2021 “We know that 2020 was a challenging year for everyone, but it was also a year of unusual opportunity. Franchises like yours were able to be nimble and innovative, serving the needs of franchisees and customers in ways that will resonate for many years to come. We believe that, when we ...

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Educator of 9 Years is Bringing STEM to Mobile, Alabama!

Morrisville, NC,  and Mobile, Alabama USA  5/21/2021 After 9 years of making her mark in Elementary and STEM / STEAM Education, Ashton Crist took it upon herself to search for an opportunity of a lifetime. Ashton was given the opportunity to implement STEM in her new school after 4 years of teaching, and she instantly fell in ...

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Artificial Intelligence For Kids

Morrisville, North Carolina  USA  12/18/2020 We’re in the midst of a significant transformation in the industry. This transition is so compelling that it is being called Industry 4.0 to represent the fourth revolution in the way we produce products. Today, the fourth industrial revolution is taking computers and automation and enhancing them with smart and ...

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Top 4 Worries Parents Have for the School Year During Corona Time

Morrisville, NC  USA  8/21/2020 The results of the STEM For Kids’ 2020 Parent Customer Survey are in. This annual survey, collects feedback from parents across North America. We will be sharing the results in parts. Thank you to everyone who participated in the survey. We know this school year has its unique set of challenges. ...

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STEM For Kids Summer Camps Remain Open!

Morrisville, NC  USA  5/18/20 We are committed to the health and safety of the families and the communities we serve, and the health and well being of our STEM Coaches worldwide. In response to Covid-19, and in compliance with the regulatory directives of the local / state / federal authorities, many of our locations suspended in-person ...

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Interactive Learning During Social Distancing

Morrisville, NC  USA  4/10/20 STEM For Kids is pleased to launch Instructor-Led Live Online Classes (ILOC) for children. ILOC programs have been operational since mid-March Due to the unprecedented circumstances posed by the global pandemic, new classes are starting on a regular basis. Find available classes and enroll here. Below are some frequently asked questions about ...

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This One Field Boasts the 10 Highest Paying Jobs!

Morrisville, NC  USA  2/25/20 America’s highest paying jobs include anesthesiologist, surgeon, oral surgeon, obstetrician / gynecologist, orthodontist, psychiatrist, physician, prosthodontist, pediatrician and dentist. What’s common about all these high ranking professions? They all are in the field of healthcare and medicine! Researchers used federal jobs and wage data to come up with the US News ...

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