Computer Science jobs represent the fasted growing segment of jobs in all STEM fields. Programs are designed to engage young minds and help them advance from being merely computer users to creators.



Our classics showcase fields of engineering that have fueled development over the last few centuries through the industrial revolution, civic infrastructure projects, access to clean water, human flight and reach outside planet Earth. The discoveries and inventions continue to shape our worlds.



The use of innovative technology is improving products and processes all around us. Programs are designed to promote innovative thinking in young minds. What is the skeletal make-up of computers? What are some ways we use computing technologies to organize content, structure our thinking and communications?








``Congratulations, for providing a magnificent STEM for children. What a blessing for our kids!`` ~ a parent

“I am now interested in science and my grades are improving, since doing the computer science after school program!” ~ Essence, a middle schooler

``Beautifully incorporates engineering into children’s activities. My son loves the program!” ~ a parent

“The camp was nice, awesome and fun. I loved all the experiments.” ~ Chase, a 1st grader

“hands on activities allow them to make a better connection with their learning experiences” ~ Teacher, middle school



4 Steps to Making a Change

By: Moni Singh Any change, a break from the pattern, evokes the psychological reactions for fear, uncertainty and doubt. This happens irrespective of whether the change is forced upon us or it is a change we desire. I speak with many people who want to be entrepreneurs and want to make change in their lives. ...

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5 Out of School Time Concerns for Working Parents of School Age Children

Your baby is off to school … child care blues are over. Right? Wrong! A study of parental concerns about after-school time found some troubling patterns. Among the findings was that parental concern was high when work hours were long, parents had little control over work schedules and children spent time unsupervised after school. The ...

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Our Growing Footprint Now Includes Washington State

STEM For Kids’ footprint growth continues with the launch of Washington East Side territory. Raleigh, NC and Bellevue, WA 10/1/16 – After 20+ cumulative years working in technology sector, engineers Sweta Kishore and Suhasini Varadhan partner to bring STEM For Kids to the Greater Bellevue area east side of Seattle. Sweta with her curious and ...

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New Curriculum Release: Computer Game Making Lab II

Product innovation at STEM For Kids continues with the newest launch that brings the fun of Minecraft gaming together with Java computer programming for a mind stimulating experience. Raleigh, NC 8/12/16 – After countless hours of research, listening for children and teacher feedback, curriculum development and testing, STEM For Kids’ Curriculum Team and STEM Coaches ...

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To STEM or to STEAM?

While learning computer programming, a child expresses her creativity as a game with characters and landscapes as unique as she is. There are polka dots on her buildings and flowers on the street where her equally appealing character goes on a mission to drive villains out of her imagined and created digital world. While learning ...

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From education advocacy to career preparedness in South Florida

A technologist, entrepreneur and an avid advocate for children’s education, brings STEM For Kids to Miami to fill his purpose. Raleigh, NC and Miami / Fort Lauderdale, FL 7/29/16 – STEM For Kids Engineering franchise launches in Florida Miami Mack Samuel, a well-known figure in the South Florida community and public school arena, had his ...

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The Shining Light of Computer Sciences

Sunday april 10, 2016 91% of parents want their child to learn more computer science in the future. – Google Gallup Poll Since childhood, my mother and father had encouraged me to get into engineering or medicine. My high school experiences of dissecting frogs had made it clear that I was not meant for life ...

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An educator prepares to launch STEM For Kids in Southern Wisconsin

Teacher in science and math turns towards entrepreneurship; through her research and experience in education finds STEM For Kids providing the right balance of STEM learning and hands-on engagement for children. Raleigh, NC, Rockton, IL and Beloit, WI 3/2/16 – STEM For Kids, North Carolina – USA based organization announces the launch of STEM For ...

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My 4 Habits for New Beginnings

By: Moni Singh New Year begins with a new set of resolutions. Four weeks into 2016, now is a good time to check back on those – how many did you keep? How many just stayed a wish? Change is not easy. Here are my 4 habits for any new beginning: When going gets tough, ...

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Franchise Gator Names STEM For Kids A Fastest Growing Franchise for 2016

Raleigh, NC 1/25/16 – Franchise Gator has named STEM For Kids as a Fastest Growing franchise for 2016 in conjunction with the release of its annual Top 100 list. The online franchise directory developed the rankings as a way for prospective franchisees to identify opportunities with strong growth potential that are also affordable investments for ...

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