Computer Science represent the fastest growing segment of jobs in all STEM fields. Programs are designed to engage young minds and help them advance from being merely computer users to creators.



Showcasing fields of engineering that have fueled development, industrial revolution, civic infrastructure projects, access to clean water, human flight and reach outside planet Earth.



The use of innovative technologies is improving products and processes all around us. Programs are designed to promote innovative thinking in young minds.



Biomedical engineering, a new emerging field, deals with the application of engineering principles and design concepts to medicine and biology for healthcare purposes.








``Congratulations, for providing a magnificent STEM for children. What a blessing for our kids!`` ~ a parent

“I am now interested in science and my grades are improving, since doing the computer science after school program!” ~ Essence, a middle schooler

``Beautifully incorporates engineering into children’s activities. My son loves the program!” ~ a parent

“The camp was nice, awesome and fun. I loved all the experiments.” ~ Chase, a 1st grader

“hands on activities allow them to make a better connection with their learning experiences” ~ Teacher, middle school



Sustainable Engineering – Camps, Classes and Afterschool Programs

Sustainability at home and school are needed. STEM For Kids steps up to add new sustainable engineering camps, classes and after-school programs for children. Morrisville / RTP NC 1/8/2018 – Environmental and sustainability practices in schools are an important trend in 21st century education, and research and practice indicates that green schools can save money, ...

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From 0 to 17 in under 2 years at Illinois – Wisconsin Stateline

Morrisville, NC, Janesville, WI and Rockton, IL 12/9/17 – “I love that we can just get to code on our own and … do whatever we want with it”, said Ava. Anu loves being creative with the ability to personalize her creations. Mason is enjoying learning about aerospace and doesn’t miss a beat in saying ...

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Four Steps to Unleashing Your Potential

By: Moni Singh Fear, the instinct that helps us survive with fight or flight tendencies in extreme circumstances, can also wreak havoc due to inaction in other situations. For people looking to come out of corporate jobs, starting a new business sounds really sexy. “What if I invest my hard work and long hours into ...

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New Programs: Virtual Reality, Eye Tech, I Spy and WordPress

Announcing four new programs. Children can now design their virtual reality headsets and jump into their very own virtual reality games! Morrisville / RTP NC 11/27/17 – We are pleased to announce the release of four new curricula into our comprehensive line-up of STEM / STEAM enrichment programs for children in grades K to 8. ...

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Remember Why You Started

By: Moni Singh You make a goal. Full of optimism, you take the first step – this could be seeking more information about the goal. You think, “This is it! My move to change my life”. But, soon enough you lose track of your goal. Life moves on … same old, same old! My work ...

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STEM For Kids Recognized as a Top Franchise in Children’s Enrichment by Startups Magazine

Morrisville / RTP NC 6/25/17 – Children’s enrichment continues to rank as one of the hottest franchise categories… it is something that people can’t get enough of in the world of franchising per Startups Magazine’s The 10 Most Wanted. Light your entrepreneurial fire with STEM For Kids, recognized as a top franchise in Children’s Enrichment. ...

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New Curriculum Release: Biomedical Engineering Organ Systems I

STEM For Kids’ innovative portfolio for children’s education enrichment expands to include Biomedical Engineering. Morrisville, NC 6/12/17 – “I enjoyed the leg prosthetic a lot. I was able to build my own leg!”, said Riley about his experience with STEM For Kids Biomedical Engineering Camp. Utilizing the innovative STEM For Kids WayTM of taking complex ...

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STEM For Kids Ranked a Top New Franchise by Entrepreneur Magazine

Next career move: Bring the world of science, engineering and computing to children with a STEM For Kids Franchise Morrisville / RTP NC 4/12/17 – STEM For Kids was recently ranked in Entrepreneur magazine’s Top New Franchises list. This list recognizes the top 100 companies that have been franchising for five years or less, based ...

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The Thriving Entrepreneurship Climate in Texas

Business Owners Launch STEM For Kids Educational Franchises in Austin and North Dallas Morrisville / RTP NC, Austin TX, Dallas TX 3/27/17 – Texas continues to be one of the best states for creation and development of small businesses. Per research compiled by G. Scott Thomas of the American City Business Journals (ACBJ), five metropolitan ...

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New World Headquarters Launches in RTP

STEM For Kids’ New World Headquarters, RTP NC. Morrisville, NC  1/1/17 – STEM For Kids opened doors to its new world headquarters on 28th December 2016 in Morrisville at the Heart of the Triangle. STEM For Kids has been making Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) fun and real for kids in elementary and middle ...

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