Don’t just use … make something


 “I learnt you don’t just download a program, sometimes you have to make it”, a 6th grade camper describes his learning after completing STEM For Kids’ Game Making Lab.

child with laptop computerWe are spending more and more time being passive users of our technologies, consuming the heaps of data, information and applications that the technologies offer. What does this mean for our children, the digital natives, who are born and being raised amidst these technologies?

A recent news story from Huffington Post caught our attention this summer … “8 Ways Technology Makes you Stupid”. The unintended consequences of technological advancements, per the story and research cited, include sleep issues, lack of focus, forgetfulness, and dependence.  Basically, technology is messing up with our brains!

What if we break this pattern of passive consumption by encouraging children to make something using the technologies?

Try out computer coding at its simplest with your children at Google’s Made with Code to design a bracelet and get it 3D printed for free! You can get your free bracelets here –

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By: Moni Singh, Founder and CEO, STEM for Kids, LLC. You can reach Moni at Twitter: @EngineerSTEM and Facebook: STEMForKids