Don't Overthink, Just Start

Career Discussion on Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Sales

Don’t Overthink, Just Start

Morrisville, NC  USA  6/4/2021

“The first thing I would say is take full advantage of the resources out there and don’t overthink, just start. It’s important to get started, [and] it’s also important to find role models, so you can learn from your journeys,” says Sanjeev Somani, Founder and CEO of Tribyl (


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Moni Singh interviews Sanjeev Somani on his career experiences. Sanjeev discusses his career pathway that led him towards finding the intersection between computer science and sales/marketing and made a transition from the corporate world to entrepreneurship. His startup, Tribyl, leverages Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to enable enterprise sales.


“The point I’m trying to make is definitely STEM is the future… but always keep your eye on the ‘so what’ of technology and what you can do in solving real problems,” says Sanjeev.


Watch his career discussion on Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Sales here.


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