The Total Connection: Elementary Children are Having Fun with STEM

Raleigh, NC, 01/25/2012 – The Total Connection Magazine, a local kids and family newspaper serving the children of East Wake, Johnston County and Raleigh, reports that elementary children are having fun with STEM in the Triangle Area. Through innovative engineering camps in Raleigh and community-based workshop at Wake County North Regional Library, STEM For Kids is making STEM fun.

SFKfeaturedTotalConnectionSTEM For Kids, LLC is offering STEM enrichment option for elementary grade children. Track-out and summer camps are available offering flexible schedules (half / full days; 2/ 3/ 4/ 5 days per week). STEM For Kids’ programs emphasize hands-on experiences to provide structured thinking, designing and building stuff all in a fun way. Children get to take home all of their projects at the end of the program.

For registration and other details, please visit or call 919 29S TEM6 (919 297 8366) or email us at


Contact Information:

STEM For Kids, LLC

919 297 8366