STEM Icons - Celebrating Black History

STEM For Kids® is pleased to announce an addition to the STEM Icons book series … STEM Icons: Celebrating Black History for kids.

STEM Icons – Celebrating Black History

Raleigh, North Carolina  USA  2/29/2024

Showcasing real-life examples of people in STEM, careers, and applications of STEM to children is important for inspiring diversity in these fields. Various studies and research show that such real connections help break stereotypes, increase confidence and aspirations, and inspire curiosity and innovation.   

STEM For Kids® is pleased to announce an addition to the STEM Icons book series … STEM Icons: Celebrating Black History for kids.

STEM Icons presents inspiring stories of people whose inventions, discoveries and research have advanced the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering And Math (STEM). The stories are presented as kid-friendly rhyming biographies. Teachers, parents and caregivers, can read these stories or let their advanced readers read by themselves.

Celebrating Black History showcases some of the iconic African-American men and women who made the world of STEM so much better and powerful. Learn about:

  • The “Peanut Man”, George Carver.
  • The legendary woman behind the GPS (Global Positioning System), Gladys West.
  • The inventor who made the traffic signal, Garrett Morgan.
  • The researcher who found the connection between our heart and our food, Mary Daly.
  • The broadcaster who helped spread Martin Luther King’s dream, Jesse Blayton.
  •  The first African-American astronaut, Guion Bluford
  • The man behind the personal computers (PC) revolution, Mark Dean.
  • And more.

The author, Moni Singh, a recognised trailblazer in the field of STEM education, has been sparking curiosity in young minds by helping teachers and care providers through her creation STEM For Kids®. Through engaging workshops, interactive camps, and innovative programs, Moni has enabled transformations of classrooms into laboratories of imagination across the globe. 

STEM Icons: Celebrating Black History book is available on Amazon and Kindle. The corresponding course is now available for educators around the world to offer in settings such as summer camps, after school enrichment, in school STEM classes, child care centers, weekend workshops, nonprofit enrichment programs, homeschooling, and more.

You can find more information on the book and get the engaging hands-on activities here: .

You can also hear Moni Singh discuss diversity in STEM on WPTF Afternoon News radio:


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