STEM and the Commandments of Making

Raleigh and Durham NC, 6/2/2014 – Adam Savage of the MYTHBUSTERS fame talked about the 10 Commandments of Making at the recently concluded Maker Faire Bay Area 2014. The Top 3 on his list: Make something, make something useful and start right now.

STEM For Kids and Gilero Biomedical are pleased to present an opportunity for students in Grades 4 – 8 to make something using Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM).

In a camp innovatively designed by these two local organizations, students will train with engineers at Gilero’s Research Triangle Park based facility. Working in small teams, participants will brainstorm ideas to improve a product, implement their design concepts using 3D computer-aided design (CAD) software, build prototypes and test them. They will learn about prototype fabrication equipment including 3D printers, build customized keepsake trinkets and use their creation to enjoy a savory treat.

“Young children are natural engineers because of their curiosity and their desire to explore and experiment” said Ted Mosler Co-Founder, President & CTO of Gilero Biomedical, “what better way to support the U.S.’s and local community’s growing need for future engineers than to show our kids how fun and exciting our profession really is.”
Moni Singh, Founder and CEO of STEM For Kids, is on a mission to make STEM fun and real for kids. “Working hands-on with engineers using engineering systems … STEM doesn’t get any more real. Through this program, Gilero Biomedical and its leadership team are setting a phenomenal example of how industry can facilitate real-life making and STEM experiences for the young minds.”

The camp, Engineering Days: Ice-Cream Treat, is being offered on Monday August 4th & Thursday August 7th 2014 from 9:30 AM – 2 PM at Gilero Biomedical, 4022 Stirrup Creek Drive, Suite 300, Durham, NC 27703. Interested parents can register their children for the camp with STEM For Kids at .

About Gilero: Gilero is a full-service pharmaceutical and medical device design & product development company specializing in single-use medical devices constructed primarily of plastic and silicone materials. Our extensive clinical, engineering, and manufacturing experience allows us to provide products that effectively combine human factors, manufacturability, and mechanical performance. Gilero is ISO 13485 certified for Contract Design & Development and Manufacturing. Gilero was formed in 2002 and is located in Durham, NC. For more information, visit

About STEM For Kids: STEM For Kids is a Raleigh-based organization that provides camps, workshops, after-school programs in Raleigh, Cary, Durham and neighboring counties. Born and raised with industry, STEM For Kids is unique in its strong ties to the real world of STEM. Programs are designed by engineers, people in the industry & educators to specifically address “so what” in a hands-on way. An equal emphasis is placed on keeping the programs fun and exciting so children may develop an intrinsic interest in STEM. For more information, visit .
For media enquiries contact STEM For Kids at or at (919) 297-8366 and Gilero Biomedical at or at (919) 595-8220.