Quest to reach the sky at STEM For Kids’ Aerospace Engineering Camp

Raleigh, NC, 03/24/2012 – Anticipation is in the air … the young ones excitedly countdown, 10, 9, 8 …3,2, 1, blast off! Their eyes sparkle with amazement … after all, they designed the space shuttles to meet the goals of their mission, they decided on the rocket fuel and closely watched the weather to ensure timely mission launch. One after the other, the shuttles soar to the sky – Apollo 11, Bald Eagle 1 and 2, Brad, Cheetah, Twin Missile – Speed, Twin Missile Jet, USA, The Orange Baron and Neel Space Association!.


Afterwards, it is Space Bots vs. the Mind Reading Asteroids (MRA) on the lunar mission. The two teams work diligently to achieve marvelous feats. Space bots have the first lunar touchdown. MRA soon catch up and become the first team to complete the lunar roundtrip mission for all their astronauts..


These are not excerpts from a Jules Verne science fiction … we are talking hands-on challenges and experiments that elementary age children are experiencing at STEM For Kids’ Aerospace engineering camp.


“It was… cool that we launched our rockets and made planes”, says Matthew. One word to describe the camp, “fun” says Brady, “Aerosome” says Nicholas and “Awesome” say Payton, Lorelei and Sarah.


“We have STEM made fun through our innovative kid-friendly curriculum. I am starting to see sparks of STEM ready to catch fire in children’s minds after our camp ”, said Moni Singh, aka Ms. STEM, Founder and President of STEM for Kids LLC.


STEM For Kids, LLC is offering STEM enrichment option for elementary age children. Track-out and summer camps are available with flexible schedules (half / full days; 2/ 3/ 4/ 5 days per week). STEM For Kids’ programs emphasize hands-on experiences to provide structured thinking, designing and building stuff all in a fun way. Children get to take home all of their projects at the end of the program.


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