NASA ambassador at STEM robotics camp

Raleigh, NC, 7/23/2013 – The applications of robotics is all around us, and a group of elementary age children will be discovering first-hand the design, construction, and application of modern-day robotics.
Since adding Robotics to their extensive portfolio of engineering and technology camps, STEM for Kids have brought the robotics program to school-aged children inside and out of the Triangle area to give children a new perspective on applications of technology. On a mission to make STEM fun and real for kids, STEM for Kids, a Raleigh-based organization, is providing their innovative Complete STEM [TM] programs through year-round camps, in-school workshops and school teacher trainings.
“In addition to completing the STEM experiences with the 3C skills of Communication, Collaboration and Critical Thinking, we address the “so what” by demonstrating real-world connections and industry perspectives.” says Moni Singh, Founder and CEO.

Participants in next week’s robotics program will have a special guest presenter. Marc A. Fusco, Raleigh’s new NASA 2013 Solar System Ambassador, will be speaking to the campers on the use of robotics technologies in space. Throughout his career as an esteemed teacher and later business owner, Fusco’s love of outer space compelled him to receive his masters in space studies from University of North Dakota.
The Solar System Ambassador Program is a NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory extension striving to reach out and inform communities around the nation about JPL’s various exploration missions. With 500 ambassadors reaching all 50 states, the program brings excitement in educating students of all ages.
STEM For Kids’ July 29 robotics camp will engage children in various hands-on, construction modules that will help them understand and appreciate the technologies Fusco will discuss used in space exploration missions. Fusco will be speaking at the North Raleigh location of STEM for Kids at 9200 Strickland Road on July 30th.
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