Keeping NC ahead in STEM

Raleigh, NC, 1/9/2013 – STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) is an economic imperative for the US. Our state of North Carolina recently showed a silver lining in the STEM rhetoric.

On the surface STEM picture looks grim for the US – domestically we are not producing enough STEM graduates to fill the STEM jobs in US. The latest international assessment of students put US behind several nations in math and science. The good news is that North Carolina performed better than other US states in Math. Our government, academia and local businesses are playing a significant role in furthering STEM: from basic research and education in our universities to innovations through various businesses and organizations.


One organization, STEM For Kids based in Raleigh, is uniquely focusing at the grassroots level – making STEM fun and real for elementary age kids.


“While such programs provide an important bridge in reinforcing and stretching children’s overall learning our schools play the most critical role in our children’s education. That’s why, for each child who registers for our camps, we give back to their schools / PTAs. Last quarter, 13 local schools benefitted from this initiative”, says Mrs. Singh.


STEM For Kids also offers in-school workshops / field-trips and after-school programs. “Our focus now is on making these innovative programs accessible to children so more and more can explore the fun and hands-on side of science and math.”


Schools and parents interested in these programs can visit or email at; Organizations interested in supporting increased program accessibility can email at


STEM For Kids, LLC is offering STEM enrichment for elementary age children. Track-out and summer camps, after-school programs and in-school workshops are available. STEM For Kids’ programs are designed by engineers to and emphasize hands-on experiences to stretch kids’ thinking while reinforcing the 3Cs – Critical Thinking, Communications and Collaboration – critical skills needed in the 21st century.


For registration and program details, visit or call 919 29S TEM6 (919 297 8366).


Contact Information:

STEM For Kids, LLC

919 297 8366