Engineer STEM debuts to cheers and excitement from 100+ children

Raleigh, NC, 01/14/2012 – STEM For Kids’ inaugurated its “Fun with STEM” program with more than 100 children yesterday. Engineer STEM, in his debut at the Y, mystified the children with his magician plus robot plus tree persona. The little builders, thinkers and wonderers ventured into an amazing engineering mission with Engineer STEM. In this introductory mission to bridge obstacles, children had fun with numbers, a nosy joker and all-fall-down gravity!.

“We are ready Engineer STEM” and “STEM is fun” – the room echoed with some highly energetic remarks from the children. “STEM doesn’t have to be scary or boring. STEM is a lot of fun, clearly demonstrated by the spark in children’s eyes and their excitement”, said Moni Singh, aka Ms. STEM, Founder and President of STEM for Kids LLC.

Engineering is the application of science and math, to design solutions (technologies) that solve problems. Experts believe that STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) is an economic imperative. “As parents, we are looking to provide a variety of experiences to our children so they can discover and develop their own natural skills. STEM For Kids programs provide the much-need STEM enrichment option in our community.” says Ms. STEM.


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STEM For Kids, LLC is an organization founded in Raleigh and working towards the mission of making science and engineering fun for elementary kids with emphasis on hands-on experiences to provide structured thinking, designing and building stuff all in a fun way. Children get to take home all of their projects at the end of the program.


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