Elementary (K-5) children are having fun with STEM

Raleigh, NC, 02/09/2012 – Children are having a blast of fun with STEM For Kids’ Engineering programs for K-5 children. “I love it, it’s awesome, it’s cool …”, said Matthew a 2nd grader. “This is the best camp in the world, thank you for making it”, said Kendall, a 3rd grader.


This week, “Fun with STEM”, an hour long program at the North Regional Library was greeted with some highly energetic remarks from the children: “We are ready Engineer STEM” and “STEM is fun”.


Last week, children got a full load of M&M during STEM For Kids’ Mechanical Engineering Camp. So, what is M&M? Motion and Machines!!! Together with Engineer STEM, children ventured into the land of mechanics. They experienced the epic battle between adventurous motion and halting friction. They got cozy with inertia, explored the potential of energy and created many fun gizmos and gadgets. Best of all, they took all their projects home for extended fun.


Previously during a Civil Engineering camp, children had a lot of fun in their awesome journey of close encounters with the “all fall down” gravity, thrilling balancing acts, bridging designs and the quest to make the tallest skyscraper! During the week-long camp, there were remarkable balancing acts anywhere from finger to nose to tongues and astute budgeting as all the campers came within their budgets in designing and building their dream-scapers !


Camp_3“STEM doesn’t have to be scary or boring. STEM is a lot of fun, clearly demonstrated by the spark in children’s eyes and their excitement”, said Moni Singh, aka Ms. STEM, Founder and President of STEM for Kids LLC.


STEM For Kids, LLC is offering STEM enrichment option for elementary age children. Track-out and summer camps are available with flexible schedules (half / full days; 2/ 3/ 4/ 5 days per week). STEM For Kids’ programs emphasize hands-on experiences to provide structured thinking, designing and building stuff all in a fun way. Children get to take home all of their projects at the end of the program.


For registration and other details, please visit www.stemforkids.net or call 919 29S TEM6 (919 297 8366) or email us at fun@stemforkids.net.


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