STEM For Kids remains open and is continuing to make STEM Fun and Real for your children!

We are committed to the health and safety of the families and the communities we serve, and the health and well being of our STEM Coaches worldwide.

STEM For Kids Summer Camps Remain Open!

Morrisville, NC  USA  5/18/20

We are committed to the health and safety of the families and the communities we serve, and the health and well being of our STEM Coaches worldwide. In response to Covid-19, and in compliance with the regulatory directives of the local / state / federal authorities, many of our locations suspended in-person programs. Additionally, many locations took extraordinary steps to help children, families, and their educators through online and virtual resources. 

What to expect for Summer 2020?

STEM For Kids remains open and is continuing to make STEM Fun and Real for your children! 

  • Instructor-Led Online STEM Summer Camps: Your response to our online STEM classes has been remarkable. We will continue providing online resources for those interested in continuing their children’s learning in that manner. Check out your local online classes and virtual summer camps. Check back regularly as new programs are being announced.
  • In-person Summer Camps:  As the markets are gradually opening, our locations are monitoring and assessing our plans to resume in-person programs per the directive of the public health and government officials. Check out your local in-person offerings
  • If your child is enrolled for an in-person summer program and you need to discuss options regarding your enrollment, please contact your local STEM For Kids office

Health and Safety Measures

We will be following the CDC guidance for Schools and Child Care Programs and guidelines per the local authorities.

  • Anyone showing signs of illness of any kind or who may have been exposed to COVID-19 should not be in the facility.

  • Hand hygiene stations will be set up at the entrance of the facility, so that staff and children can clean their hands before they enter.

  • Only children and staff who are required for daily operations and ratio inside the camp facilities will be allowed.

  • A daily health screening of questions on all individuals who are entering the building will be conducted. Each staff and person dropping off children will be asked a set of screening questions. Answering yes to any of the questions will be unable to enter the facility.

  • We support our staff to stay at home as appropriate.

  • We will be following social distancing strategies from CDC Guidance which is required for all Day Camp Settings.

  • We will be following proper hand hygiene guidance for adults and children such as washing hands frequently with soap and water for at least 20 seconds and washing hands upon arrival in the morning, before and after eating meals and snacks, after blowing noses, coughing, or sneezing or when in contact with body fluids, and after toileting.

  • Everyone should avoid touching eyes, nose, and mouth. Additionally, everyone should cover coughs and sneezes with a tissue or an elbow.

  • We will be cleaning and disinfecting frequently touched surfaces, shared tools, supplies, and equipment throughout the day. We will be allowing time for cleaning between activities as well as frequent bathroom breaks and handwashing breaks.

  • If a child or staff member develops any symptoms of COVID-19, they will be isolated in a separate room and sent home as soon as possible.

  • Stay informed about the COVID-19 outbreak:

Our locations are family-run businesses locally owned and operated. They are facing the same challenges that you are seeing in your local communities. We appreciate your unwavering support as we continue to make STEM fun and real during these difficult times.

STEM For Kids® provides a comprehensive curriculum comprising of engineering, biomedicine, computer programming / coding, robotics, automation and business programs for school-age children through summer camps, trackout camps, afterschool programs, weekend classes and classes in and outside schools. 

National and international franchise opportunities for this innovative children’s services and educational enrichment system are available. The STEM For Kids brand is generating significant national and international interest and has made into various “Best of ” lists including Entrepreneur Magazine’s Top New Franchises, Best Trends, Franchise 500, The Vangaurd List, Startup Magazine’s Companies Ready to Make you the Boss, Franchise Gator’s Franchise 100 and Americas Best Franchise lists.

Business owners can start with as low as $20,000. Entrepreneurs looking for a low-cost entry into children’s educational services can learn more and apply at the STEM For Kids website, or call +1 866 991 7053.

Schools, Principals, Superintendents, STEM Coordinators, Teachers and After-School Coordinators can bring the innovative programs to their schools as camps, in-school field trips, classes and after-school / before-school programs. Request on-site programs or curriculum training / professional development at

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