Children are Getting Green With ENVI!

Raleigh, NC, 07/15/2012 – After wild success of year-round (track-out and summer) Engineering Camps in Civil, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, STEM For Kids launched its Environmental Engineering Camp.

The new camp focuses on hands-on fun and exploration of our environment. In this innovative curriculum, children take a fresh look at air and water; fight the evil pollution; come face to face with the very special Carbon atom and his favorite friend Ms. Oxygen; work as environmental detectives to investigate the 3 Rs of green living – reduce, reuse and recycle.


With various activities designed to engage minds like The Melting Ice, Air Catchers, Trash to Treasure, My Greenhouse, Water’s vanishing color act, Oil Spill Clean-Up and Birdies Talk , children were in for a full-serving of environmental considerations in a fun-filled way.


“It is very very fun and awesome”, Adam, a 2nd grader


“This is probably the best camp I’ve ever been to”, Lucy, a 3rd grader


“I love everything [in this program]”, Jane, a 5th grader and Lauren, a 2nd grader


“It is fascinating to see children realize that doing our own part in keeping the environment clean can go a long way.”, said Moni Singh, aka Ms. STEM, Founder and CEO of STEM for Kids LLC.


STEM For Kids, LLC is offering STEM enrichment option for elementary age children. Track-out and summer camps are available with flexible schedules (half / full days; 2/ 3/ 4/ 5 days per week). STEM For Kids’ programs emphasize hands-on experiences to provide structured thinking, designing and building stuff all in a fun way. Children get to take home all of their projects at the end of the program.


For registration and other details, please visit or call 919 29S TEM6 (919 297 8366) or email us at


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