Empowering Educators: Learn How To Bring AI To Your Classrooms

Empowering Educators: Learn How To Bring AI To Your Classrooms

Raleigh, NC  USA  4/25/2024

As the education landscape continues to evolve, educators are increasingly looking for innovative ways to prepare students for the future. To address this need, STEM For Kids  is excited to announce a free webinar titled “5 Practical Ways To Include Artificial Intelligence: Ethics, Critical Thinking, Diversity, & Career Connections In School Classrooms.”


Curious about the impact of Artificial Intelligence tools like ChatGPT and Bard? Wondering how to effectively incorporate these technologies? Love or hate it… AI is here to stay just like calculators, computers and smartphones.


Join for an exciting presentation that explores AI’s limitless possibilities in the classroom. Discover how these tools can ignite curiosity among students, provide personalized learning experiences and industry connections. Learn how to guide students in the ethical use of AI, encouraging critical thinking and responsible information sourcing while incorporating diverse perspectives and fostering inclusivity. 


The webinar will focus on steps you can take now to incorporate AI:

  • You have the vacuum! Clear up.
  • You have the elevator! Ascend. 
  • You have the gloves! Get hands-on. 
  • You have personal tutors! Personalize.


Educators, administrators, and anyone interested in the intersection of education and technology are encouraged to attend this free webinar. The webinar will take place on Thursday May 2 at 5:30PM US EST. Registration is free and open to all. To register and for more information, please visit https://teach4d.stemforkids.net/free-webinar .


Opportunity knocks…lead to shape the future of education with AI!


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