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ONLINE - Minecraft Time Travel: A Builder's Adventure
Grades: K - 8
Schedule: 10/7/2020 to 10/27/2021
(Wednesday, 4:00 PM - 5:00 PM EST; Monthly Payments $80.)
In this action filled building adventure, children will learn and apply civil, environmental and sustainable engineering practices to their virtual building projects as they work in the virtual world of Minecraft. Students will time travel to ancient civilizations like Egypt, Greece, Rome, traverse through medieval times and industrial age as they learn about stable and strong structures through the ages. They will learn about sustainability in cities and discuss how water, waste, transportation, and energy/electricity worked in our past cities as well as our current cities. Then children will turn the time to the future and apply what they learned from the cities of the past and modern times to design a city of the future! Requirements: You must have a computer/laptop/iPad with Windows 10 and an app called "Minecraft Education Edition" downloaded. We will provide accounts for class. Please click this link to download the app and follow instructions:
Online Programs : On your computer or device with web cam and mic.
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Price: $80.00 per month

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