Financial Savvy: Minecraft Edition


Children will learn about earning income, buying goods and services, saving money and using loans. They will apply their new found knowledge through their own Minecraft businesses! In this dynamic fun filled course, students engage in designing engineering solutions, setting up a business and analyzing data. While doing so, they experience strategic and critical thinking about managing money. Participants learn how to generate an income working in a job and setting up a business. Then, they learn about how to be smart spenders of money – they set up a budget, evaluate needs vs. wants and make financial trade-offs. They learn about loans, loan terms, interest rates and their risks and benefits.

ational Standards of Financial Literacy: Earning Income; Buying Goods and Services; Using Credit; Saving. Common Core Mathematical Practices: Make sense of problems and persevere in solving them; Reason abstractly and quantitatively; Construct viable argument and critique the reasoning of others; Model with mathematics; Look for and make use of structure. Common Core English Language Arts Standards: Comprehension and Collaboration; Presentation of Knowledge and Ideas. Information and Technology Essential Standards (ITES): Technology as a Tool. Computer Programming

Usage: Afterschool Camp Or Classes

Prerequisites: Financial Savvy