Doctor Minecraft


Calling all Minecraft Gamers! Don't just play vanilla Minecraft! Create your own Mods and make it your own unique game. Parents, this is a camp that takes your child's interest in video gaming to creating something using computer programming. In this program, participants will learn about programming in Minecraft and germs / pathogens like bacteria and viruses, explore various drug delivery approaches and technologies, and create games / worlds to demonstrate various drug delivery pathways.

CSTA Computer Science Standards: Computational Thinking Algorithms L1:3-3, L1:3-4, L1:6-2, Problem Solving L1:3-1, L1:6-1, Computing Practice and Programming L1:3-4, L1:6-5, L1:6-6, L2-4, L2-5, Collaboration L1:3-2, L1:6-3. NGSS: From Molecules to Organisms: Structures and Processes. Common Core ELA: Comprehension, Collaboration and Presentation of Ideas; 4Cs Computer Programming

Usage: Afterschool Camp Or Classes

Prerequisites: Game Making Lab II
Biomedical Engineering: Drug Delivery