Programming For Drug Delivery


Engineering better medication and better methods of delivering them are front and center as engineering challenges for the 21st Century. In this program, participants will learn about germs / pathogens like bacteria and viruses, explore various drug delivery approaches and technologies, and create computer programs / animations to demonstrate various drug delivery pathways. Participants will use computer programming skills and apply it to create their virtual worlds, scintillating characters, 3D animations and digital storytelling. They will discover these pathways right before their very eyes.…

CSTA Computer Science Standards: Computational Thinking Algorithms L1:3-3, L1:3-4, L1:6-2, Problem Solving L:1-3-1, L1:6-1, Computing Practice and Programming L1:3-4, L1:6-5, L1:6-6. Next Gen Science: From Molecules to Organisms; Common Core -ELA. Computer Programming

Usage: Afterschool Camp Or Classes

Prerequisites: Computer Programming I -
Biomedical Engineering: Drug Delivery