Entrepreneurship: Build to Market Challenge


The great inventions and technologies that shape our worlds today are a result of successful market launches. STEM and innovations need business ethos and acumen to become a desirable product or service. It is never too early to educate young children in the process of designing, launching and running a new business. In this special series of programs, our goal is to inspire the next generation of STEMpreneurs! The total package includes: STEM + Innovation + Entrepreneurship In Build to Market Challenges, participants will work like innovators in designing a product to solve an engineering or entertainment problem, build its prototype and then, like an entrepreneur, they will explore ways to market their product. stemforkids.net/courses/stempreneur-entrepreneurship/

NGSS: Motion and Stability; Common Core ELA - Communication, Collaboration and Presentation of Ideas; Computer Science: Using Technology Resources, Computing Practice. Robotics And Automation

Usage: Afterschool Camp Or Classes

Prerequisites: Robotics I
Website Design Lab I - Beginner
Mechanical Engineering - Motion Commotion