In Engineering Days, participants zero-in on an engineering challenge. Some programs may be offered at an engineering facility to make a direct real world connection.

CSI – Cyber Security Investigation™

  As our digital life grows, personal privacy and national security depend upon protecting the electronic web of information sharing known as cyberspace. What does it mean to secure the cyberspace, what are the risks to its security and what ways are being used to protect it? Join CSI Academy with STEM For Kids to ...


Adventures of Captain EnergyPants™

For ages people have believed that energy = progress. As a worldwide search for cheaper and cleaner energy continues, we are on a mission … a mission to energize young scientists and engineers to think about energy! Join EnergyPants on an amazing adventure where participants explore various forms of energy, from potential to kinetic and ...


Engineering Days: In Company Workshops

This program series take participants into actual engineering facilities to work with engineers in the industry on a challenge. As an example our flagship program, Engineering days: Ice-cream Treat, co-designed with Gilero Biomedical, trained participants at Gilero’s Research Triangle Park based facility. Working in small teams, participants worked on redesigning an ice-cream spoon for the ...