STEM For Kids is the brain child of Moni Singh. After contributing as an engineer and an industry leader to the development and deployment of various technologies like wireless phones, telecommunications equipment and smart meters, Singh embarked on the mission to expose children to the immense potential, the energy and the excitement in STEM fields.

Her two children, a 1st and a 2nd grader at that time, were Singh’s inspirations. One day, making paper bridges with them, she noticed the spark in their eyes as they engineered new and stronger bridge designs. Not only were they deeply engaged, they were hungry for more. Seeing their craving for more hands-on STEM activities, Singh tried to find programs in the area but to no avail. Singh was determined to do something to keep the spark alive for her kids and to create more sparks in young minds in the community. STEM For Kids was born.

What started as a one program offering at one location, soon grew to over 15 different engineering, science and technology themed programs at several locations across North Carolina and a national franchise.

Born and raised with industry, STEM For Kids is unique in its strong ties to the real world of STEM. Programs are designed by engineers, people in the industry & educators to specifically address “so what” in a hands-on way. An equal emphasis is placed on keeping the programs fun and exciting so children may develop an intrinsic interest in STEM.