International Game Making Competition


Our STEM For Kids Computer Game Making Lab is making great contributions in the field of education enrichment by enabling children (in elementary, middle and high schools) to learn coding and to design / create their very own computer games. Now, we are pleased to announce our first-ever International Game-Making Challenge!

   1.Participants will build their very own computer game selecting a scientific, mathematics or a programming theme per their interest.

   2. Students can submit their own original work as individual entries or in groups of up to three.

   3. Participants must be enrolled in a game making camp or after-school program to be eligible for submission.

   4. Entries must be submitted in English and includes a video “sales” pitch together with the original game created.

  5. All participants must be present in their video presentation.

How can I enter my child in this competition?

First, register for an offered STEM For Kids Game Making Lab Program ( after-school or camps) in your area at Look for “Game Making Lab” or “Kodu” programs or simply ask your area representative.

If no programs are found or programs are not available for your child’s age, contact your area representative.

During the enrolled program, your child will be provided the initial training on game designing basics and provided the details for joining the competition.

How old does my child have to be to enter?

All students enrolled in an after school game lab or camp are eligible for submission. Offered programs vary at each location and span students in K through high school.

Can I help my child with this competition?

The point of this challenge is to put the student’s skills to the test. Parents, you can coach them but let them present their own original work.

Can my child submit more than one game?

Only one game per participant/group is allowed during the challenge.

Is there a penalty for a late submission

No submissions uploaded past the deadline of August will qualify for this competition.

Are groups mandated?

No. Students can choose to work as a team or submit their individual original work. We encourage the students to collaborate but it is not mandatory.