Our Fast Changing World

We are in the midst of a significant transformation in the industry. This transition is so compelling that it is being called Industry 4.0 to represent the fourth revolution in the way we produce products. From the first industrial revolution in 1700s (mechanization through water and steam power) to the mass production and assembly lines in 1800s using electricity in the second. Then, third revolution from late 1900s – where we saw the emergence of computers and automation.  Today, the fourth industrial revolution is taking computers and automation and enhancing them with smart and autonomous systems fueled by data and machine learning.

Now, and into the future as Industry 4.0 unfolds, computers are connected and communicate with one another to ultimately make decisions without human involvement.

Various emerging technologies are the pillars for Industry 4.0 like Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, Big Data and Cyber Security… to name just a few.

Industry 4.0 is converging the digital, physical and biological worlds.

Changes Brought By Corona

This 2020 pandemic has completely impacted the way we live today. Many of the changes driven by Covid are expected to persist even beyond the pandemic.

Importantly, the mass-scale digitization and technology adoption due to Covid-19 has further accelerated the pace of the industrial changes around us.

The ultimate goal of education is to enable life- and career- ready students.

So, How Do You Get Your Child Ready For This Fast Changing World?

Life and careers involve studying and solving complex problems that don’t limit themselves to one set of disciplinary boundaries.

It took integrated efforts of computer programmers and geneticists to decode the human genome. Economists together with environmental scientists and engineers are behind the quest for sustainable renewable energy. Mechanics combined with the study of human body are leading to innovations in the space of prosthetic limbs.

Let’s look at something even closer to our children’s lives … Finding the right college in itself is an exercise in financial savvy, digital literacy and complex analysis.

If those are the real world conquests, then why not show children how to cut across silos through integrated thinking right from their primary schooling?

Integrating Learning Across Different Subjects and Skills

When you think about your children ready for this converged future, think of how you can enrich their experiences with an inter-disciplinary approach that actually prepares students for this new world.

Implementing such an integrated learning requires an educational model  purpose-built with

  • curriculum and lessons designed for not only teaching concepts in a subject area but also structured for inter-disciplinary learning,
  • instructors who are trained to deliver the inter-disciplinary lessons and provide children learning experiences that integrate various concepts like coding, engineering, automation, business and finance,
  • tools that are carefully selected to accentuate the learning opportunities.

Let Your Aspirations For Your Children Soar!

Imagine … your child getting trained regularly on integrated courses comprising of topics like engineering, bio-medicine, computer coding, robotics, business and finance.

Imagine … your child learning about knowledge attuned with the real world of engineering, technology and business.

Imagine … your child enjoying their learning experiences because activities are hands-on and project based.

Imagine … your child getting opportunities to developing language, social and emotional skills like communicating ideas and collaborating with peers, thinking critically and persevering in solving problems and creating solutions.

Imagine … your child being guided through their learning journey with a trained coach.

Now imagine … what your child may accomplish in the future with such an immersive enrichment early on.

Programs that kids love

Imagine No More! Get The Proven 4 Dimensional Learning

We, at STEM For Kids, have been at the forefront of the transformations needed to enrich children’s education. 9 years ago, we said no to the traditional one dimensional learning approach and implemented our proprietary 4 dimensional model.


Because our children and their future deserve more.

Our proven 4 Dimensional Learning has helped numerous school-age students learn computer programming, practice engineering design process, explore various topics in big data, aerospace, bio-medicine and entrepreneurship, and much more through programs offered at many educational organizations and schools worldwide.

Now, our innovative programs are available to your children as instructor-led live online classes.

Fun Learning For Children That They Love!

In our instructor-led online classes (ILOC), students are in a live virtual classroom led by a trained and talented STEM Coach. Children collaborate with their instructor and other children in the virtual class. In these structured learning experiences, children receive engagement, interaction and guided learning with their live instructor.

Hands-on learning in STEM topics is further enhanced through ‘gamification’. Children go on e-missions, achieve levels and milestone points all in the spirit of developing an intrinsic motivation to persevere, learn and do better.

Gamify learning

Parents Rave About Our Programs


Parents confirm their child is thinking critically about technology and creations


Parents report that they like the program themes


Parents confirm that their child gained new knowledge, skills and abilities

I have found the professionalism outstanding and expertise with the subject matter excellent. …`{`they`}` not only cover important STEM concepts with hands on materials, they also encourage team work, collaborative learning and can individualize for the needs of the different ages and learning styles.


Head of School

“The instructors have been guiding them the whole way, answering questions, giving them questions to think about, to reinforce …skills while providing an enrichment. I have seen Ian blossom.”


...instructors are knowledgeable. informative and caring…My son comes home every day with new skills learned and new ideas formed. His creativity sky-rockets when surrounded with technology and with teachers who encourage his left brain ideas.


A Parent

Get The Satisfaction of Giving Future-Ready Experiences To Your Child

You Want The Best For Your Child. Act Now.

Do you want custom classes for your group? Or, do you want to get trained in our methods to bring these programs to your community yourself? See more information and request information here.