Python And Data Science

An Introduction to the World of Big Data!

Introduction to the World of Big Data!

In today’s world of big data, massive amounts of data are being collected and stored by organizations around the world. To put world’s data into perspective, they amount to about 200 billion HD movies which would take a person 47 million year to watch!
Data Science skills are in high demand across industries like technology, business, finance, healthcare, academia, government and more. Join us for an introduction to this versatile world of data. Participants will learn how to use Python Programming Language to analyze, visualize and present data.
The budding data scientists will take a closer look at the US population information and then as a sales analyst at Walmart, they will deduce how temperature impacts sales in various departments.
They will get a glimpse of website traffic data as tracked by Google.
The action packed program, then puts them into the shoes of a financial advisor as they review stock market prices and make investment advise to a friend.
There is more! The participants will then turn their attention towards healthcare as they research youth tobacco usage survey from Center for Disease Control (CDC). They will use their learning to develop a public service announcement on the perils of tobacco use.
Catch this amazing adventure with the all so prevalent data and learn some transferable skills.

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