Game Making Lab I ™

Create your own computer games!

Don’t Just Play. Make Your Own Computer Games!

In Computer Game Making Lab, participants will explore the foundations of video game design then plan and create their own multi-level video games!

Every video game must follow a basic story line which has five parts: setting, plot, characters, interactive objects and goal. Just like an interesting movie or a book, these five parts together give the story purpose. Video games allow users to experience and control that story!

Our video-gamers-in-training, learn about

  • landscaping and environmental fabrication capabilities in video gaming to create the setting and mood.
  • designing and programming characters to move in their game worlds.
  • capturing event triggers to shift behaviors of the characters.
  • adding power-ups, health and timer.
  • creating multi-level games.

The super-charged experience has a way of providing immediate gratification as the participants see the effect of their programmatic changes in their own gaming worlds. They may feel on top of the world because they get to decide how many lives the main character gets!