Financial Savvy

Financial literacy is the understanding of various financial aspects including earning, managing, and investing money. According to a 2015 study by the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA), teaching financial skills to kids before they enter college or the workforce is crucial to helping them grow into adults who can achieve financial security and success.

The curriculum addresses National Standards for Financial Literacy per the Council for Economic Education (CEE).  Through this curriculum, children will learn about earning income, buying goods and services, saving money and using loans.

In this dynamic fun filled course,  students engage in designing engineering solutions, setting up a business and analyzing data. While doing so, they experience strategic and critical thinking about managing money.

Participants learn how to generate an income working in a job and setting up a business. Then, they learn about how to be smart spenders of money – they set up a budget, evaluate needs vs. wants and make financial trade-offs. They learn about loans, loan terms, interest rates and their risks and benefits.